Thursday, December 10, 2015


Some very Old Judo Photo's

Some very Old Judo Photo's 

Summer fete Sittingbourne 1964

YJC Sittingbourne 1962

Geof Gleeson Course Barnet Hall 1962?

Nobby with Bexley School Kids 1966? Do not recognise anyone

Bexley School Kids Nobby and one of GB's leading Coaches Alan Roberts 1966?

Geof Gleeson Course

St Mary's Bay Summer Camp 1969? Mole Bob White Nobby Mike Illott Peter Schonewille 

BJC 1970 Tony street Mole Bob White Clive Wheeler

Elliots JC trip to Germany 1966? Harry Smith Bob White Alan Roberts Len Mower

G’day Fellow Judokas,

I refer to Combat Discipline, Thursday, December 10, 2015, the photograph with the caption “Elliots JC trip to Germany 1966? Harry Smith Bob White Alan Roberts Len Mower”.

My name’s Brian Gower, and I’m the guy at the very front with the black rimmed spectacles. To my right is Derek Rainer, to my left is Eric Hickmott, and behind me is Bob White, Harry Smith and Nobby Clarke.

I was part of the team chosen to go to Essen in Germany. I cannot confirm the year, but it looks pretty close to me. We traveled to Dover, ferry to Calais, then to Essen on the slow train to Siberia. Three days later, we did the whole trip in reverse.

I mislaid my license a while back, but I still regard myself as a brown belt, even though I have not practiced for many years. When I’m bored, I search the Net looking for past friends. This is how I found Combat Discipline when searching for Len Mower.

I hope this has enlightened you a little bit.

Have safe randoris guys,

Brian Gower
Perth, Western Australia

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