Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Martin Back On Mat

With John Clarke on his Honeymoon and Colin Carrott down with the bug along with many others in the Club it was down to me Martin Clarke to take the session. I was met with surprise and comments like "What you doing here so early?" "Why have you got your kit". Yet it did not take me long to get into my stride first came the very UN PC shouting " Get on the mat my class starts 8pm not 5 minutes past" and "Get that T shirt off you are supposed to be Sambo/Judo players not a load of wimps" 
With the British Open just a few days away we kept away from hard contest and concentrated on Ground Work. First 1/2 hour ground fighting then the following was plenty of drilling on arm locks, leg locks on the ground we finished with arm locks from stomach throw, flying arm lock and leg lock from inner thigh throw (Uchi Mata) .
I think everyone enjoyed I did but do not expect me every week
The BSF Open has a good response we have fighters from all parts of England North, Northwest, South, West, South East, Midlands, East, London and from France, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, USA and British Army sadly no one from Scotland and Northern Ireland lets hope they can attend next year.
The BSF is already planning next years British Open which will be held in the Birmingham Area in March/April 2015. BSF have decided to run a British Closed Championships/Trials in December to prepare teams for international events in 2017. This time schedule was used by the British Judo Association for decades and proved very successful

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