Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Ban Combat Sports for the under 18's

In the news today some Doctors want to ban tackling in Rugby for anyone under the age of 18 years on Health and safety to reason. My own thoughts it is ridiculous as the game will no longer be the same. Now these Doctors maybe suggesting this for the best intentions but have they not considered it is not compulsory to do Rugby surely it is the duty of care by the parent to decide whether a child can participate in a contact sport. Surely they will know the relevantly small risks if they are not happy just say I do not want my child to do Rugby.
The problem is that this indict can have far reaching consequences? It is the duty of every Sports Body to try and eliminate danger but as Human beings we have to accept risk as part of life. Yet I can see this as just the start of campaign to ban all forms of Contact Sports and Martial Arts for the under 18 years, I hear you say ridiculous yet in Australia the Australian Medical Association want to do exactly that here is a link to their site 

Now at present we have a Democracy in GB where our Parliament can decide on this issue BUT have you considered if we remain in the EU and they decide to go along with a Ban and bring in a EU Law banning Contact Sports for the under 18’s we would have to abide by the Law no matter what our Parliament says and what the voice of the British Public says.

I ma not a great lover of Cage Fighting and think MMA is all things to all men but would I want to ban it NO if people want to do that sort of thing as long as it has regulated rules it is their business not mine yet France banns it read the link

The point I am trying to make is we all need to be vigilant as this type creeping bureaucracy soon can become law a prime example is the EU who would have thought in 1972 when joined the Common Market that we would eventually be part of a Super State with much of  our freedoms to decide our future being being decided by bodies outside GB

Martin Clarke   

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