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British 2016 Combat Sambo Championship

The British Open Combat Sambo Championships

Report from Adam Lindop

With the weigh ins for the open starting at 9am we arrived at 8.30 to ensure everything was set up ready and all the paperwork in order. several of the fighters arrived as we waited for the staff of the leisure centre to open up several having arrived the night before and stayed in a hotel. After we were allowed access to the building and had ensured that everything was in order we started weighing fighters in, everything was running smoothly as the fighters arrived they presented their license books for inspection and then got on the scales. As the Irish contingent were not landing until 10am (the time the weigh ins were due to end) I took the decision to extend the weigh in time until 10.30am, they arrived just in time.
Adam Lindop Darren Richardson Referee Vadim Kolganov successful Scottish Coach

With all the officials now arrived the draw was completed and it was decided to keep all the fighters from the same gyms separated in the first round. After the draw the rules meeting commenced in the warm up area with Vadim Kolganov (Scotland's leading Sambo Coach)taking the lead and Darrin Richardson assisting, the rules were covered in full as several fighters had not fought Combat Sambo before. 

With the rules meeting done the opening ceremony commenced with Mark Baker piping the fighters onto the mat and playing a few short tunes before I led the fighters back to the warm up area to get ready.

Once the fights started things in the main ran smoothly, a few fighters seemed confused with the fight order but after a brief explanation of the bye system they were satisfied. There were two pull outs on the day in the highest and lowest weight categories due to injury, but the remaining fighters in both categories elected to fight in the closest weight classes, They came to fight and they were not leaving without a scrap!
On the mat there were some wars but the fighters always showed total respect to each other and to the officials which is always good to see and I expected nothing less!
I was approached by one coach who stated that his fighters would not fight each other after explaining that they had been kept apart in the first round (as had everyone from the same gyms) I told him it was simply luck of the draw and that they would have to fight each other at some point. Eventually they fought but seemed unwilling to fight properly and so were both disqualified for passivity, a shame as both are good fighters with a lot of heart.
There was some excellent technical displays with Matt Clempner Jnr executing a perfect foot sweep on one opponent and a well-timed right hand to the face dropping his opponent straight down on another showing once again why he was chosen to attend the worlds!

The fights drew to an end and though tired and bruised fighters the fighters seemed happy and began to get ready for the medal ceremony. As the medal winners were called out one by one I thought about the qualities that make a Sambo fighter and I must say that the majority of them on that day displayed the humility, respect, honour and courage that is vital for all combat sports.
As the fighters and spectators began to depart the long work of clearing away the mats and the rest of the equipment began and most of the officials elected to stay and help with only a couple needing to shoot off straight away. The work done we retired to the local drinking hole (The Vikings Landing) to relax for a short while before the remaining officials and helpers had to depart.

A special shout out goes to all the students and parents at Team Mushin that helped in so many ways, Ian from MJ's travel who helped transport the mats we borrowed in one of his vehicles, Alan who helped with constructing the crowd barriers and also helped with the mats, To Shinsei Martials Arts who lent us some of their mats and also to the local TA unit 4Lancs who also lend us mats, there really was too many people to mention.

The biggest thank you goes to Susan King who dealt with the entries and insurance etc for the event and without her assistance it would not have been such a great success.

All in all the day was a success and many of the spectators were intrigued to learn more of the Martial Art and Sport that we love so much. A great day for all, most importantly a great day for Sambo?
"He who does not fall cannot rise!"
Adam Lindop
President United Kingdom Sambo Association

Well done UKSA Adam and Sue plus all the officials for hosting the best Combat Sambo event in GB

Final point would like to say well done to Tom Richardson who Medalled in Both the British Combat Sambo and British Sport Sambo Championships

Martin Clarke
FIAS GrandMaster
President British Sombo Federation

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