Saturday, June 04, 2016


Francesca Aspey

Congratulations to Francesca Aspey  for  Confirming her British Sombo Federation Sport Sambo Instructors Certificate and International Budo Federation Judo Instructors Certificate . Her final part of the exam was to obtain a First Aid Certificate

The British Sombo Federation Sport Sambo Instructors Certificate as introduced this year 2016 and now they only recognised BSF Instructors award. Each BSF affiliated Association is allowed to nominate one Tutor/Examiner, which has to be ratified by the BSF EC. At present John Clarke BSF National Sport Sambo Coach and BCSA member and Colin Carrott English Sambo Federation President are thinly two Tutor/Examiners

National Combat Sambo Coach Matthew Clempner is developing a an Instructors Certificate for Combat Sambo and will soon be offering courses in the discipline

Allan Clarkin is National Coach for CombatSombo he has a course organised in June for an Instructors Certificate in CombatSombo, John and Colin have a course organised for the latter part of the year

For  UK wide Instructors Certificate Courses in:

Sport Sambo
Colin Carrott

Combat Sambo
Matthew Clempner


Allan Clarkin

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