Monday, July 04, 2016


Matt and Unit 7 gym

This weekend myself Valerie John and his wife Rebecca travelled to Manchester. The reason we went was that there was to be at the English Combat Sambo Championships but this was postponed at the last moment because of Technical difficulty. As the Hotel was paid for we decided to go anyway as we had to have a meeting with Matthew Clempner who is in Charge of Combat Sambo in Great Britain. John who in charge of Sport Sambo in GB, myself as BSF President and Matt had a meeting on the Friday night. Up for discussion was the British Combat Sambo Team entry into the Presidents Cup to be held Edinburgh in September, The Scots do not have a large enough following in Combat Sambo so the Commonwealth Sambo Association asked the BSF to fill the rank, Matt tells us that the Scottish Open has attracted 100 competitors which is a good turn out we are told that this will be the selection process for the Scottish Team. Also on the agenda was the World Senior Championships in November to be held in Bulgaria and the World Cadets to be held in December in Cyprus. The three of us also discussed the BSF Sport Sambo Instructors scheme, which has been a great success. This award is the only recognised Instructors award and it has been well received by many other organisations, Matt intends organising Combat Sambo award,  Allan Clarkin has just finished the  first BSF CombatSombo Instructors award scheme. CombatSombo is system founded by myself Martin Clarke and is a Registered Service Mark

After the meeting Matt took us to the UNIT 7 GYM POPLAR STREET TYLDESLEY MANCHESTER M29 8QP 01942 635937. This is one of toughest Gym in the Country  a real Gym loads of Free weights and Cage not the sort of place a poser would go to. It had the smell of a real working gym the smell of sweat of people training hard and taking no prisoners. For those who have been to the Swale Martial Arts Club will know what I am talking about, not the smell some people like but those who want to train hard love it. I deliberately put the address and number so you know where to go for a hard workout. Most of Matts Combat Sambo, MMA and Cage fighters come from Unit 7.

Here is a rather unique Photo of 2 Dads with their Sons, Matt with young Matt, Martin and John.

Matt Senior represent GB at the 1980 Olympics in Free Style Wrestling he also been Judo International several times British Sport Sambo Champion and a World Sport Sambo Bronze Medallist.
Matt Junior has been a Judo international British Sport Sambo and  Combat Sambo Champion, MMA Fighter, Boxer and World Bronze medallist in Sport Sambo
John Clarke World Silver School Boy Sport Sambo Championships, 5th World Sport Sambo Championships, competed in every age level for GB in Sambo, Competed for GB Judo, many time British Sport Sambo Champion, British Kurash Champion, British Belt Wrestling Champion and British CombatSombo Wrestling Champion
Martin World Masters Judo Champion, BJA British Trials winner, Al England Judo Champion, World Games Sport Sambo Silver, World Sport Sambo Silver, World Jiu Jitsu Silver, Member of Olympic Judo Squad, GB only FIAS Grand Master
Buster The Gyms Mascot and Guard Dog

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