Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Brazilian Immigrant

Here is another post from that Brazilian Immigrant who calls himself a BJJ Coach I beginning wonder if this not a wind up just look at the post his spelling and grammar is worse then mine.  He now thinks Jiu Jitsu is a Mikey (I think he meant Mickey Mouse) Mouse Sport. He then says I go to the local pub I very rarely drink and do not visit pubs I am sure he has me mixed up with some else I do not do UFC and Sifu is reserved for Chinese styles which I do not do. He obviously does not rate UFC fighters. He reminds me of a 16 year old bragging to group of 10 years olds telling them how tough he is. I hope he keeps the posts up he obviously thinks he can upset me on the contrary I find him extremely entertaining and funny

Wilson Junior Martin , try your luck with your mates on the pub , Ju Jjtsu is Mikey Mouse sport , with 50 prationers in 5 sports hall across Europe. One simple question , show me a website from anywhere in the world a full time only Ju Jitsu club in Europe. That's how big is ju jjtsu . LoL Go get your pizza top up your fat hippopotamus belly beer and go to your local saying how tuff you was Lol.Make sure wear your UFC T-shirt and ask the locals to refer you as Master or Sifu. I teach in 6 countries across Europe, Just to clarify what I won , was not one but several lol not Mickey master division but Adults, not only National but aswell state titles ,also grappling in Brazil is a little bit spread , Gi or No Go , Judo or wrestling . Just two times London population of practjoners . And learn the right spelling , that's embarrassing, there is NO JIU JITSU, is or Gracie /Brazilian JIU JITSU or Traditional JU JITSU. You own me one , that's will save you some embarrassing moment s on the PuB.
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Description: artin William Clarke
Martin William Clarke You really are silly boy people on my blog find you really amusing mind you nobody seems to knows you will send you details of the governing jiu Jitsu body in GB and Sport Accord also would you like ticket for President Cup on second thought I will send two tickets give one to a friend if you have one Tuff is spelt tough


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