Monday, August 15, 2016


CombatSombo Award

Those named below are Level 1 CombatSombo.
CombatSombo The rebirth.
Level 1 course was held at Black Knights gym Burnley, it was supported by 8 people.
The students had a traditional back ground in martial arts and had been training for many years.
They wanted to move forward with a system that offered more.
The British Sombo Federation does this through its coaching awards, it offers recognised governing body awards, it offers back up, a chance to move into the sporting aspects of SAMBO, in Sport SAMBO and Combat SAMBO.
Level 1 in CombatSombo.
Introductions and welcome made, advise on setting up a club and all that goes with it, finding the correct venue, all about insurance, first aid. DBS, planning classes and keeping records.
The foundations laid.
Covered warm up, stretching, movement, pad work for the striking, kettle bells for strength building, circuits. This was done to show traditional martial artist what high fitness and knowledge levels are required within all SAMBO.
The aspects of coaching, the importance of showing more than talking, looking for mistakes and correcting immediately, class control, making sure the coach NEVER ASSUMES, coaching techniques from different positions so students can see from different angles.
Understanding that one throw can be used in many ways, like SAMBO its diversity, the basic foundation for the Sport SAMBO side with knowledge on how things score, what points are given and when.
Two students did a little Sport SAMBO and the rest were referees all giving scores they so fit, this was then discussed.
All students, planned a lesson and coached what they had planned, constant feedback was given if mistakes made and a coach assumed a student knew something they didn't.
A great day and excellent feedback.
The rebirth has begun.
Allan Clarkin

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