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Do I dare to questionMcKenzie defeat?

I recently made comment on somebodies Judo Facebook little did I realise it would cause such bile and hatred. The comment was about Olympian 6o kilo player Mckenzie this is the comment:

“There was a full page article about how he would win Gold so what happened sometimes you have to be careful what you predict”

 In that statement did I question his performances or his ability?  No. So I was expecting some sensible answers but NO I got the Mckenzie Fan Club ranting at me telling me:
I was wrong to make a comment
I should apologise
I should be banned form Facebook
Many suggested I did not know what it was to be a top level competitor
I was called a bell end (what ever that is)
When I put my CV on to quantify my experience I was told self praise is no Praise
I knew nothing about modern IJF rules, (this is one is true)
Mckenzie even offered me down to his club
Some even suggested you have to have luck to win a medal

The last comment was as follows:
“apologise for the comment being misplaced. (why was it misplaced I asked a question)  Insensitive (this could be true should have left it another week), hurtful (so a question is hurtful) Inappropriate (As a Tax payer and Judoka surely I am entitled to answers) And pointless (So ask a question about potential Gold medallist is pointless?) Crass  (showing No intelligence)  I’m surprised it came from a man of your experience (the reason I asked the question is because of my experience)

Not one person answered the question and not one asked why I put the question

The newspaper article in itself was a good idea and must have been done with the permission of BJA. Judo in the UK does not get the recognition it deserves so having an article in the Red Tops highlighted the Sport side of Judo especially with a potential Olympic medallist. This for me made me watch his fights. With this great potential why did he lose?  Now I watched the match where he lost to eventual Silver medallist and yes it was very close but as Judoka of 65 years I could not fathom out these new rules and if I could not understand the rules how was the public to understand them? Watching several match’s it was notable that the Referees were inconsistent so these were a couple of questions I wanted answered rather then the vitriolic comments. Also why was he not allowed to fight for Bronze in latter Olympics if you lost to the finalist you would go into the Repercharge if this had been the case he would been a Bronze Medallist
I do not know Mckenzie and have not followed his Judo career but wondered  since the IJF rules changes in Judo it has become a Sport hardly recognisable from when I was competing. Yet you have to feel for this Judoka who has spent over 10 years aiming for an Olympic medal only to be denied it because of in my opinion the rules and quality of refereeing. As everyone said it was an excellent performance by him

My original comment still stands and wonders if anyone will give an answer to it

For those who doubt my legitimise please visit   

Just to finish below is the latest Post

Description: arly Rogers
Carly Rogers Martin William Clarke you sound like a jealous vile prick who has no sort of life and is bored hence trying to make someone else miserable.... listing things that you are or have been part of is never I good idea unless ur telling th eabsolute truth eithr.... u sound like someone who is bitter because they never got anywhere. Pitty on you dear

Do not Know this girl looked at her Facebook page she looks about 20 and shows her kissing her Girlfriend, does not mention whether she does Judo. Could she be one of those internet trolls?

Amy Lowe At the end of the day getting to the olympics is an amazing achievement. Everyone who has got there should be very proud of themselves but more so for Ashely he has overcome so much in his life and he has got his life on a good track and he puts everything he has into his sport. And for wankers like Martin to pull him up for not winning gold seriously is the lowest of low. He done everything he could to win that gold and so what he didn't come home with a medal. He should still be extremely proud of himself and he doesn't need negative comments. I have watched Ashely compete for years and I have never seen him look as focused and have his head so straight in the game as he did on Saturday. Every body on that mat thought they were coming home as the -60s Olympic champion for Rio 2016 but only one guy could do it. And sadly that wasn't Ashely. But still he should be so fucking proud of himself. He got there and he fought his heart out. Xxx

This is the sort of moronic comments I was getting apart from the disgraceful language she makes up things

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