Wednesday, August 10, 2016




I have been asked not to respond to this Fools post so I have agreed as it as it is getting boring but just had to put his last post up. Done a good wind up on him calling him a 60 kilo wimp see his response also suggested he tries sambo but he bottled that. Now he threatens me with violence what a True Martial Artist mind you I expected he would blow his top. This is the sort of person who is teaching?
Wilson Junior
Wilson Junior Martin , I'm 115kg , 6,5ft .Not 60kg , you doing your research wrong . I know you are not use to read words ,you are more look the pictures type. I do not fancy Mikey Mouse martial arts but I would happy smash your face in a Vale Tudo, that's how we roll in Brazil and Gracie Jiu Jitsu . I would slap your fat face like a prostitute,put to sleep no with choke but with punches on your fat face, by the size of your belly looks like if you fall you will stay on the floor like a turtle upside down, come tonight on Camberley Car park , I promise you if you come there tonight I will put you in the hospital, I gonna give you a life time experience which you will not enjoy ,You don't really a fucking idea with who you talking boy . You have to laugh

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