Sunday, August 14, 2016


Olympic Judo an Opinion

The Judo Olympics has now finished so what is the general response? Of course the Judo Establishment says it was marvellous. In terms of organisation, presentation BBC coverage and Neil Adams commentary it was BUT what about the judo itself? I recently done a survey and asked people who not do Judo to watch some matches and give some commentary. The main ones were 1) they could not understand the rules so found it difficult to follow 2) Judoka were winning without scoring 3) they thought Judo was about throwing your opponent 4) boring switched over
The one about the rules I had to agree even I had difficulty understanding them luckily enough Neil commentary helped especially when he said Judoka had been disqualified for touching the legs (unbelievable). Ippon was always a powerful technique finished by your opponent landing on his back with force, this is no longer the case. Several times I saw players pushed on to their back and Ippon was award against them. The fighting for grips was more like a slapping match and on many occasions when they did get their grip they released it. Most techniques attempted were either drop seoi nage of yoko otoshi (side sacrificial)
To explain Judo competition the explanation was it was a like a game of physical chess where it was all about tactics that is why a lot of matches went the distance and was won on penalties. This may be true but it does not catch the public’s attention.
I will not say it was good or bad what I will say Olympic Judo is not the Sport I was competing in from the 1960’s to 1990’s and if you do not agree look at Neil Adams in the 1980 Olympics and the great Yamashita both on YouTube and tell me it is the same sport.
My association the IBF UK still run Judo Competitions mainly in Sittingbourne, Faversham and Folkestone and we still use the rules of many years ago. The audience and fighters like them as they find easy to understand and exciting.
The modern generation of Judoka may like the rules of Judo and think it is just a competitive Sport, I still believe it is much more then this. 
As for the IJF continually changing the rules just to appease a few at the top who think change is the future, they are wrong. The hey days of Judo in the UK was in the 1970's and 80's and the question must be asked WHY?

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