Sunday, August 07, 2016


Refugee Team a disgrace

The idea of Refugee Team in the Olympics is a disgrace, the money funding these athletes should have gone to Refugees in real need not these athletes who are not in need. The corrupt IOC change the rules to suit themselves and this just proves they are a Western based Political organisation. Their attack on just Russia over Drug abuse proved that they are under the control of the EU, UK and USA why were other countries not investigated, already drug cheats from other countries have been banned.
 Judoka Yolande Bukasa Mabika and Popole from Congo are two of the refugee team, yet their Country the Congo is competing as a nation, these two train in Rio one must ask the question are they true refugees considering they have a better life in Brazil and are obviously sponsored by someone. According to reports they applied for asylum in 2013 after the World Championships, something they were selected for and paid for by their country. They left their family behind and if you read the Guardian report they fled death and torture all while practising their Judo and being supported by their government. Not quite the idea of a refugee the IOC wants you to see

To qualify as a man, you have to be top 22 in the world on the IJF World ranking list by May 2016, and as a woman you need to be top 14 by the same date. However, in the case that two people from the same country have qualified, only one of them can be selected in order to make room for another country to send an athlete.
Neither of these athletes according to the IJF ranking web site are even shown on the ranking list while many GB players are, so why were they not given a pass to enter the Olympics? Did they not work as hard to try and make the standard? Once again the IJF has double standard by allowing Judoka to enter the Olympics who are not in the top 22, they could argue the case if the Judoka was a displaced person but in the ranking list. You cannot blame the Judoka as they have had the chance to compete and I hope they do well and prove me wrong especially as Judo needs some World Class Judoka from Africa. This Refugee Team is nothing more then Propaganda Tool for the IOC and IJF, both organisations who have their own internal difficulties.

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