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Who is Wilson Junior?

More bile from a Nobody

Description: ilson Junior
Wilson Junior Martin , your "titles" May work on the pub with with your mates but not here with legit professional athletes. Master "titles" with no one on division is Mickey Mouse titles, Masters is a Mikey Mouse itself , what did you archive as adult ? Tell bcoz I will double check right now . also you never been Silver in Jiu Jjtsu , first to clarify , is Ju Jjtsu the spelling the Martial Art you said you champ and on JU Jjtsu they don't have either Organized World Federation , national competition etc. Sambo does exist on in Russia and very few places , yeah 3 fights with amateurs and is a world champ. You said free style wrestling?? The UK nowadays wrestling is literally no existent, imAgine back on 80s, so we all clear about your Mickey Mouse career let's go to you question. So you expect a athlete go to a competition with a different mentality than a Gold? That's what everyone should say , Yeah I'm going there smashing every one , that's a winner mentality but you will never understand this .

Most of you will have never heard of this man Well he is a BJJ Coach and he came from Brazil to UK since 2000 (not sure if he here legally) he has a You tube account where he insults people. He claims to be a great BJJ Fighter but according to his web site the height of success was to win Rio de janeiro jiu jitsu Championships  So a real expert on criticising other Grappling Sports and Grapplers

Martin William Clarke Wilson You really are and ignorant ill informed man. The World Jiu Jitsu Championships was in Canada in 1984 my fights can be seen on You Tube. So all World Masters are Mickey Mouse quite insulting to all those who entered how many did you win ? Sambo only exists in Russia the World Body has over 90 countries affiliated including Brazil British Sombo Federation was formed in 1986 and is recognised by UKSport and has had a British Championships ever since GB has run a World and European Championship. The Presidents Cup sambo was held in Dartford 2014 Manchester 2015 Edinburgh 2016 and will most probably be in the 2020 Olympics as a demonstration sport. This not the case with BJJ which is not recognised by UKSport or Sport Accord As for British Amatuer Wrestling it maybe in the doldrum now but in the 1970's/80's it was at its height. What have you won oh Yes a Greco Roman event in Brazil I bet that was hard. Did you Know that Brazil entered the World Championship in England in 1992 you obviously will not remember that as you were just starting some form of Jiu Jitsu. Stick to what you know which is limited and check your facts

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