Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A Happy day for John

Very happy day indeed. I finally get to wear my 6th Dan. Why so important you may ask!!!
Well when I started Judo at 5 my grandfather Nobby Clarke was a 6th Dan and anyone who knows will remember, I spent all of my summer holidays at summer camp with him,at St Mary Bay. I always said from the very start I want to be a 6th Dan like him. Well 38 years later here I am. I have a few people I need to thank. My dad Martin Clarke who is by far the best coach a fighter could ask for. He never gave up on me and paid for all my competition, course, grading etc etc. I had the pleasure of fighting him in training and we even competed in 2 competition together ( in different weight groups of course) Great coach and even better father. The 3 very strong women in my life and let's face it, they had to be strong to put up with us Clarke men ha ha. OMA my Nan and yet again she would also take me to comps but once told me my Grandfather hated to watch me fight as I was always getting injured as a kid, amazing lady. My Mum Valerie Clarke, what a mother who has given up so much to make sure we had what we could, and she still looks after me now ha ha. My Wife Rebecca Clarke, it's not easy coming into such a competitive family. She understood straight away my passion for my sport and has supported me every step of the way. Maybe my sons Lewis or Harry Clarke could become the 4th Generation to become a 6th Dan!!!!!!!!!
Two people outside of the family were Steve Sweetlove and Mick Poole. These two guys took me under their wing from the age of 17 till about late 20s. We traveled the world competing together and did many course down in Cornwall. They helped make me the fighter and man I have become. I won't ever forget those guys. Of course Colin Carrott my partner in crime the person I have been with on the mat for over 20 years now. We do everything together and I can't thank him enough for coming with me and being there when I got my 6th Dan.
So after 6 knee ops a big elbow op and many other broken bones I no longer fight, but train the next lot of champions. Thank you to everyone I have fought and trained with that have helped me along this amazing journey. Now to look forward to my 7th Dan!!!!!

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