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John and Chris gain 6th Dan

It is with Great Pride and Joy that I can announce that my Son John Martin William Clarke was awarded his 6th Dan Judo at the International Budo Federation Annual Congress held in Belgium. John follows in his Grandfathers John (Nobby) Clarke and Father Martin Clarke in obtaining the coveted Red and White Belt.
John with IBF International President 

To be graded above 5th Dan in the IBF you have be accepted by the IBF Congress this John Clarke Judo and Chris St John Jiu Jitsu (Northern Ireland) were nominated for 6th Dan each had to produce a CV of their record of involvement with Judo/Jiu Jitsu. This was sent several months ago to all member Countries of the IBF which total 35 Countries in all At the Congress there was 27 Representatives present each one had a vote those not present gave a proxy vote to the IBF International President Mr. Friedebert-Georg Niering 10th Dan. Both John and Chris had a unanimous vote in favour of their 6th Dan.

John was specially mentioned, as he was Grandson of the late John Nobby Clarke a founder member of the IBF who is still remembered with great respect with in the IBF Community. A couple of comments show the respect the Congress had for John, “how could we not recommend you with a CV like you produced” “A third generations from a great Warrior Family” John remarked that Nobby and Oma (his grandmother) would be looking down from Heaven with great joy and happiness, his only regret that Nobby will not be able to have a couple of pints with him. Myself and Val would not have believed when John was born in 1973 that he would obtain this accolade at a relatively young age Well done Son and well done Chris


John Clarke CV

John Clarke
Valmar Apartments
Flat 2C
127 East Street
Kent ME10 4BL

Wednesday, 3 August 16

John Clarke
D.O.B 16/10/1973

I am the 3rd Generation of the Clarke Family who is a member of the International Budo Federation. My Grand parents were John (Nobby) Clarke 6th Dan Former IBF GB President, Margret Clarke 4th Dan. Martin Clarke 8th Dan IBF GB President and Valerie Clarke 3rd Dan are my parents. I Started Judo at the age of 5 and have been developing ever since.

I am a Judo/Sambo Coach at the Young Judo Club/Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne plus IBF Senior Judo Coach/National Sambo Coach for Great Britain. My Coaching experience has been varied I have coached in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Finland coaching adults and juniors, from kyu grades to Dan grades.
I have also trained over 10 competitors to international level in Judo and Sambo, as well as coaching them through their Dan grades.
Furthermore being a coach I feel it is very important to produce opportunities for students to compete in as many competitions as possible. For the last four years I have been running three competitions a year in Judo and Sambo as well as coaching courses and International squad training sessions.

I have had a very successful competition career, winning over 450 medals and trophies all over the world competing in over 450 competitions in all associations. I have competed in over 30 IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships winning gold medals in 98% of them. Plus I have won 20 IBF British titles. Apart from being a proud IBF competitor I also competed as a member of The British Judo Associations (Olympic Body) Southern area team and entered the Kent International at Crystal Palace winning bronze in both events. 

My competition career is not just in Judo, I have competed in Freestyle wrestling, Kurash, Belt Wrestling & Sambo.

·      Freestyle Wrestling
(London Open Champion twice, British Championships 2nd Place).

·      Kurash
(British Champion twice, Grand Open Champion Once).

·       Belt Wrestling
(British Champion once).

·       Sambo
(British Champion 8 Times, World School Boys second place 1989 USA, World Youth 5th Place 2002 England, World Seniors 7thplace Prague 2007, World Masters 5th place Belarus 2008). 

Anyone placed in the top 8 gains a world ranking. In 2010 I was awarded a bronze award of Master of Sambo for my contribution in the Sambo world.

I was grade to 1st Dan in Judo 1991, 2nd Dan 1993, 3rd Dan 1997, 4th Dan 2003, 5th Dan 2007, for all these grading’s I had to show my knowledge of Judo, IBF History and theory. Kata plays a very important part of IBF Judo and for my 5th Dan I had to perform Nage No Kata, Katame Kata, IBF Newaza Kata, Kime No kata, Goshin Jutsu Kata, Ju No kata, Gonosen Kata and Itsutsu no Kata. I am the only person in England to have graded for his 5th Dan, this is something I am very proud of.

As you can see from above not only have I been a true competitor at National and International Level, flying the flag for the IBF always giving 100%, I am now putting back my love of the sport through my coaching and the ability to run course’s and competitions giving up coming students the opportunities I was given.



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