Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Martin on Mat

So Tuesday Night at the Dojo John wanted myself and Trevor Davies to put our Judogi on and have a Photo. Once on I thought I would have a couple of pull around on the Mat. so being Old and sensible (?) I thought I would have light pull round with the younger element with replacement Knees Hips etc (judo has been good to me) I have to be a bit careful. What a mistake that was as both lads had been coached by my son John who when he was 18 and weighed a mere 70k, I had told him when fighting Heavyweights was to run them ragged and pick them off. That was to haunt me this time on the Mat. My first bout was against 18 year old 1st Dan Richard Seaman and he done exactly what John had told him keep pulling me about, do not be intimidated, attack attack. After a short time I was breathing out my lower orifice. Next was 1sy Kyu 16 year old Grandson Lewis, I thought no way could he do the same but as you can see by the video clip he did.
So at 66 I should think I could do what I did at 36 lesson learned. Both lads would never have thrown me but what was more important I did not throw them, well done to both of them. Next time I will go on with the slower older ones watch out Ken, Colin and drew

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