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World Sambo Championships 2016


2016 31st FIAS World Sambo Championships

Sofia Bulgaria

The first FIAS World Championships was held in 1985 in San Sebastian Spain, the British Team for that event was Martin Clarke, Trevor Roberts and Tony Bull representing the British Amateur Wrestling Association, The British Sombo Federation was formed a year later and would be the FIAS affiliated body. Martin managed a 5th place. As this event was held in the Basque Region of Spain, national politics was involved and instead of being a 3-day event the National Government made FIAS take just one day to finalise the event. At the first World Championships there was not the numbers of today.

This year Worlds was excellent the Hotel was good with good food, plenty of buses to take people to the venue and at regular intervals. The event at the Stadium was organised extremely well and went like clockwork congratulation to FIAS and the Bulgarian Sambo Federation. With over a 100 countries able to participate this is always difficult.

This was the Bulgarian Federation 60th Anniversary so a meal was arranged for Delegates it consisted of traditional Bulgarian Food and Wine followed by Traditional Music and dancing a fantastic night enjoyed by all

The large stadium had 3 mat areas Mat 1 Sport Sambo Women Mat 2 Sport Sambo Men Mat 3 Combat Sambo, large TV screens were situated around the building so you could see the matches from every angle and the whole thing was streamed live on the net

Putin is a Keen Sambo enthusiast

The standard throughout the Worlds is getting better year on year, so we saw the big throws, Knockouts etc. in the early rounds but as we neared the finals matches were becoming extremely close. Not the most exiting for the uninitiated but for the Sambo enthusiast you saw some exciting tactical battles. In the past we saw the Eastern Block Countries (Ex Soviet Union etc.) but now we are beginning see the emergence of many other countries throughout the World putting their foot in the door’

The countries who are taking on the established Sambo countries are only being able to this by training with Financial help from government or sponsorship. We in Great Britain do not get any financial help from UKSport even though we are the UKSport recognised body. UKSport are only interested in Olympic Sports that win Olympic medals with Elite Athletes yet winning Olympic Medals may be prestigious for UKSport and Government but it has been proven that it does not encourage people to take up sport with maybe the one exception cycling. UKSport and the Government must realise that the Olympic Games is not the be all and end all of Sport. There are many different Sports in the UK which are not represented in the Olympic Games and these need to be supported so more people will get the benefits of Sport.

The British Team consisted of Martin Clarke BSF President, Valerie Clarke BSF EC, Matthew Clempner Combat Sambo Technical Director, Robin Hyslop SSF, Matt Clempner Combat Sambo, Karl Etherington Sport Sambo, Ryan Cottom Sport Sambo, Dean Hunt Combat Sambo, Lloyd Sweeney Combat Sambo, Martin McDwyer Combat Sambo. Apart from Matt Clempner this was the first time the rest of the Competitors have attended a World Championships. 
Matt in Action

Matt Clempner fighting u100 kilo fought on the first day beating the fighter from Kyrgyzstan then bad luck befell him while fighting on the ground Matt dislocated his knee so he was out of the competition. This was a major disappointment as I feel he could have beaten the Bulgarian who went on to win Bronze
Rayn Cottom with Martin Clarke

None of the other British Fighters won a match but one young man looks like to have a good future and that was 20-year-old Ryan Cottom. Ryan is already a very experience BJA International Judo Player but for sometime now has trained with National Sambo Coach John Clarke at the Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne he won the British with great panache. His one and only fight was against the Fighter from Slovenia , he dominated the fight at one point the Slovenian got a penalty point for passivity as the match was drawing to a close the score was 8 -7 to the Slovenian. Ryan made a sacrificial attack (in Judo it is called a Sumi Gaeshi) now many of us that thought that he had scored 4pts but no the referee awarded to the Slovenian. The referee when questioned said as Ryan dropped on to his back to execute the throw The Slovenian grabbed his leg his logic was that the Slovenian had countered the initial throw? Now if you get chance to watch the fight you will have to make up your own mind, Ryan lost 7 -12 BUT he is young and has a great future in front of him

 Attached is a poster for the British Open I hope you will all attend plus look to IBFBCSA@GMAIL.com for more details of Sambo events in the UK




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