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1985 BAWA last British Sambo Championship

1985 BAWA Sambo Championshisp

The last British Amateur Wrestling Association British Sombo Championships was held in December 1985 at Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. The BAWA Sombo Committees Chairman Martin Clarke organised the event. This Sub Committee was wound up in January 1986 and the British Sombo Federation was formed as an independent body for Sombo.

At this event was just 16 entries compared with approx. 100 entries in last years Championships.

Entries were S Hill 52k, S Sweetlove 82k, I Fleming 74k, T Skinner., M Wainwright  62k, A Wellsman 68k, S Cooper 68k, B Cooper 62k, B Ward 100k, C St John 62k, P Abraham 82k, M Clarke 100+, S Nolan 82k, T Bull 74k, P Warren 74k,

The British Sombo Federation now has Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo and CombatSombo. The BSF is a Federation of Sambo Organisation, which are:

British CombatSombo Association

British Grappling Association

Sambo Union of Great Britain

United Kingdom Sambo Association

Federation of Russian Martial Arts

RedStar Sambo

English Sambo Association

Scottish Sambo Association

Northern Ireland Sambo Association

The BSF is the Governing body for Sombo in Great Britain and is recognised by UKSport

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