Thursday, December 08, 2016


BCSA Combat Wrestling/Belt Wrestling

Saturday January 28th 2017 3pm

Swale Martial Arts Club
127 East Street
ME10 4BL

BCSA Combat Wrestling/BCSA Belt Wrestling Championships
Entry Fee £10 includes both events

BCSA Combat Wrestling is a mixture of Judo-Sambo-Olympic Wrestling it is a No Gi Style. Competitors where red or blue shorts with Rash Guard or T Shirt they can also wear red or Blue Leotard. You get points for Throws, Hold downs you can win by Total Victory  (Throw to back you remain standing, Submission with Arm or Leg Lock, Strangle or Choke on ground) 12 points clear, Points win at end of match
BCSA Wrestling is a throwing sport. Players
wear same equipment as Combat Wrestling plus a Belt (normally a Judo or Sambo belt) each player takes hold of belt with both hands. Only part of body to touch the floor are the soles of your feet. You score by throwing you opponent each throw is for 1 point you win if you get 3 clear points or who ever has most points at time. Your opponent gains a point if you lose Belt grip
John Clarke v Christ St John BCSA  British Belt Wrestling 2000

Entries to BCSA 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX
Or send to using Paypal  by January 20th 2017
Include Name Address Weight DOB Email Mobile Number

All IBF/BCSA/BGA members will have insurance cover. Those who are not members can take out day membership for £5 which will include insurance,

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