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Christmas Sambo

Sittingbourne Open Sambo Christmas Tournament
Medal Winners
On Saturday December 3rd BSF National Coach John Clarke organised a Sittingbourne Open Sambo Competition. He allowed players who did not have Sambo kit to wear Judo/Kurash equivalent to try and encourage those who do not do the Sport on a regular basis
The turnout was relatively small and sadly we only had one Female entry. Women Sambo throughout the World Is very popular but we just cannot drum up the interest in GB for women competitors. 
Russia Lithuania Latvia
The entire turnout was small we did attract players from Latvia, Russia and Lithuania. One of the Juniors Julius Vaisvila flew in from Lithuania to compete in this event and he was superb demolishing every one before him. Strange how some can fly in from another country yet those who live locally cannot be bothered support local events

Although the event was small it produced some excellent Sambo from all participants including the boys event. What was encouraging was that many arm locks and leg locks were used, these have always been a weak point with British Fighters so it was encouraging to see them being used

John will be running many more of these small events in Sambo and Judo at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne over 2017. Also at the Club in February we will be running a Combat Wrestling and Belt Wrestling Championships both of these styles are Non Jacket wrestling forms. Combat Wrestling is a mixture of Sambo/Judo/Freestyle Wrestling and Belt Wrestling is where you hold the Belt to try and throw each The Clubs main interest is Sambo and Judo but we recognise the benefits of trying other grappling sports. We are looking into trying a Chinese Jacket Style very similar to Judo called Shuai Jiao

In June next Year we hope to run a Major Event at the Swallows featuring Sambo Judo and Combat Wrestling and lets not forget we are sending a Coach from the club to the British Sambo Championships in Birmingham in March and IBF Multi Nation Judo Tournament in Belgium in May

Any one interested in what we do they can contact us at

Gold: Ruslhns Neilands, Juri, Julius Vaisvila
Silver: Owen Cullen, Ian Bloy, William Price
Bronze: Brandon Springett, Lewis Clarke ,Dyla
n White, Oliver Norton

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