Saturday, December 10, 2016


IJF Rule Change is Rubbish

 You need to read the link before you read my reply

So grip changing i.e. Boxing will be allowed for 45 seconds nearly a 1/4 of the contest see the Oseakomi times have changed to the same as sambo. 4 minute Contest whats that so non Judoka do not get bored or to fit advert spaces on TV? Who can remember Brian Jacks competing in a 20 minute Final Now that was long The IJF has lost the plot. When will they realise that Judo will never be a spectator sport The people who watch Judo are Judoka, ex Judoka and their families if they want to change it into just another Grappling Sport try looking a Sambo rules which has no foreign language and is easy to understand with simple hand signals . Keep Judo alive and return to the rules of the 1970's when there was a lot more people doing Judo. This is change for change sake and does not improve Sport Judo it is just the bureaucrats of the IJF justifying their position and pay

Another point I am not keen on Newaza and always prefered Tachi Waza but we can not get away from the fact that BJJ has become very popular (not my cup of Tea) and the reason is because there is hardly any throwing and is all about rolling around the ground. So maybe to encourage BJJ players to take up Judo would it not be a good idea to increase the ammount of Newaza allowed in a Contest? just an idea from someone who is not keen on Ne Waza

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