Friday, December 02, 2016


Judo & Wrestling

In my Career which till 1980 was mainly Judo I made an attempt to make the Moscow Olympics sadly I only made a reserve place for what ever reason. Yet before I made the BJA Olympic squad I had tried Freestyle Wrestling and Sambo in both sports pre 1977 I had won medals. On making the Squad I was advised not participate or train in other grappling Sports something the IJF are
preaching to day. Yet the article below from one of the Worlds most successful Judoka Brian Jacks suggest that I was right to try other grappling sports. Interestingly enough a good friend of mine Matthew Clempner was an International Sambo Player pre 1977 and went to the 1980 Moscow Olympics in Wrestling yet was ranked No 3 in GB for Judo it certainly did him no harm. Since 1980 I went on to become a reasonably successful Samboist, I also have tried Kurash, Combat Wrestling, Sport Jiu Jitsu, Canaria Lucha plus I introduced CombatSombo Grappling. Today there are many other grappling forms which can be tried, I have to admit I am not keen on the styles that just roll around the floor always preferring throwing styles. My advice to aspiring Judoka do not be blinkered in believing that Sport Judo is unique and learning other grappling sports will not ruin your Judo BUT at the same time there is nothing wrong in sticking purely with Judo

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