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As President of the British Sombo Federation I am often asked what is Sambo

As President of the British Sombo Federation I am often asked what is Sambo

International Sambo was developed by Russian Enthusiasts and consists of two main Disciplines Sport Sambo a Jacket Grappling Sport and Combat Sambo a Jacket Strike and Grappling Sport. Both disciplines have become a World Wide phenomenon and is administered by FIAS Federation of International Amateur Sambo and its British Representative is the British Sombo Federation which is recognised by UK Sport as the Governing Body for Sambo/Sombo

The important fact about International Sambo is to remember it is a Competitive Sport. Many people say practise make perfect well that is not quite true with regard to Sambo. Practice is very important and training at club level is important but to hone your techniques and training is to compete and this is where you learn if your training works. I use the analogy of past Warrior Tribes who would train for Battle but would only be classed a Warrior once they have entered Battle, so you are only a real Samboist once you have competed.

Yes there are Self Defence options to Sambo like my CombatSombo where I have developed a Self Defence Grappling System but even with this I expect students to be aware of its practical implication. Obviously you do not encourage students to go and get into street fights so the next best thing is Combat Sambo

Competition can be done at all levels and remember their plenty of People who claim to do Sambo but are just using the name to promote themselves. As I mentioned the British Sombo Federation is the Governing Body for the Sport and we are a Federation of Sambo Associations, if you want to know who is Official Sambo Club or Coach contacted us  at

For those interested in competing the British Championships are just a few days away with a closing date March 4th 2017 If you do not want to compete or are new to the sport why not come along and watch

Martin Clarke
President BSF
FIAS GrandMaster

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