Monday, February 20, 2017


YJC 60

The Young Judo Club Sittingbourne is 60 this year. The club was started by John(Nobby) Clarke 6th Dan (1927-1990) and Margret Clarke 4th Dan (1926-2004) You can see the history of these founders at and

By reading the Blogs you will see the History of the Club but here is a quick summary:

The Club was started by Nobby and Margret to cater for their two sons Martin and Norman as there was no Juniors Judo Clubs in the County.

In that 60 years the YJC has trained thousands of Judoka, Hundreds to Black Belt standard.  Also they have trained Judoka to win County, Area, National, International and World Championships.

The forth Generations of Clarkes are now actively involved in Coaching and Competing for the Young Judo Club but it has not just been the Clarke family who have brought the Club to be known through out the World but many others and it is the Costa Family who now have a 3rd generation who are involved with the Club taking it to ever higher glories.

Although predominantly a Judo Club, the YJC introduce Karate to the Town in 1962 and this became the Kokusai Karate Club, which still runs from the Swale Martial Arts Club. Other Grappling Sports were introduced, Olympic Wrestling, Sambo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling these went on to form the Warriors Grappling Academy in the early 1980’s plus lets not forget Jiu Jitsu and CombatSombo which were also part of the timetable.

I wonder if Nobby and Margret would have imagined that starting a club for their 2 boys would expanded to so many different Combat Discipline it is a shame they are not ere to see the success of a Club they started in 1957

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