Thursday, July 20, 2017


Is Vladimir Putin a judo fraud?

Is Vladimir Putin a judo fraud?

This is the most ridiculous Piece I have ever read it is obviously produced to promote the Writers Benjamin Wittes, the editor of the national security blog Lawfare.wn career and Profile. I cannot find anything about his expertise in Judo or Sambo. There is a small piece saying he is off to Tae Kwon Do. Just to explain things to him Tae Kwon Do is Striking Art Judo is a Grappling discipline. It seems this gentleman is a real anti Putin Anti Trump and most probably a Democrat Journalist so it is no surprise he wants to invent something and Fake News always sells. He goes on to say he wants to challenge Putin to a fight. Putin is mid 60’s Wittes early 40’s. He knows full well the Match will never take place and he know full well it is a Publicity gimmick. For those of us who have actually done Judo you only have to look at Putins movements to know he is a reasonable standard Judoka and I have met any many Russian Judoka and Samboist who have seen his prowess in the Sport. I suggest this gentleman stick to things he know BUT if I am wrong please let him list his achievements in Judo or Sambo Maybe some USA Martial Artist can tell me of his expertise?

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