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English Sambo Open 2017

English Sombo Federation
71 Downs Road
                                                              CT19 5PW                                   English Sombo Federation
President Colin Carrott

English Open
Sport SAMBO Championships
23rd. September 2017

Purpose:         To promote SAMBO in The U.K. by organising tournaments and championships.

Organiser:       English Sombo Federation.

Place:              Hawkinge Community Centre, Heron Forstal Avenue, Hawkinge,
                          Nr. Folkestone, Kent  CT18 7FP                    

Date:               23rd. September 2017

Opening:         First fight will start at 12.00pm
                        Weigh-in for all categories 11.00am

Official age and weight classes:

Men -62, -68, -74, -82, -90, -100, +100kg 
Women: Matched on the day
Masters +35 and +45 years old: Matched on the day
Cadets, male & female, 15 – 17 years old: Matched on the day
Juniors, boys & girls, 8 – 14 years old: Matched on the day

If one of the weight classes has insufficient participants, competitors may move up one weight group.
All titles must be competed for, there will be no walk overs.

Rules:              Fias Rules.
                        No painful holds for juniors up to 14 years old
            17 year olds can compete in cadets and seniors but have to pay entry
            fee for each category.
Equipment:    All cadets and seniors MUST have the correct equipment, red and blue jackets and matching colour shorts or BSF shorts. SAMBO boots (any colour) MUST be worn.
Juniors may wear red or blue SAMBO jackets, or a white or blue judo jacket, but MUST have plain red and blue or BSF shorts. Bare feet will be allowed for juniors.
Wrestling boots will NOT be allowed in any categories.

Registration Fee:     All categories:         £15.00
Registrations: Accompanied by registration / entry feeby post or e-mail on attached entry form to:
                        English Sombo Federation President
                        Colin Carrott
                        71 Downs Road
                        Kent  CT19 5PW

All competitors must be a member of an affiliated BSF association and must show their license at the weigh in.

Payment:        Payment can be made by cheque, made payable to The English Sombo Federation, C/O Colin Carrott, 71 Downs Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5PW or by Pay Pal using the following e-mail address:

Changes:         Changing weight on the day will incur a £10.00 charge.
Closing Date:  The closing date for ALL entries will be 10th. September 2017. Late entries will NOT be allowed. Please use the form attached to this invitation.

Insurance:       All competitors enter at their own risk and must have adequate health insurance.

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