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BSF Instructor

Below is a list of BSF Coaches in 2012 How many have renewed there qualification?
Well here is your chance to renew…/sport-sambo-instr…
British Sombo Federation
UK Governing Body 2012

Coach List

BSF Appointed Sombo Coaches

Grandmaster Martin Clarke Kent
Robin Hyslop Scotland
Christopher St John N Ireland
John Clarke Kent BSF National Sombo Coach
Colin Carrott Kent
Allan Clarkin National Full Contact Sombo Coach

BSF Recognised Qualified Instructors till March 2013
Michael Hutchins Level 1Kent
William Hetheringham Level 1Yorkshire
Matt Gough Level 1 Army
Ian Parker Level 1Bedford
Keith Brown Level 1Kent
George Loscombe Level 2 Kent
Russell Dodds Level 3Bedford
Laurence Sandum Level 3Essex
Keith Costa Level 3 Kent
Lee Dootson Suffolk
Wojtec Walkowsld Suffolk
Norm Willis Suffolk
Andy Smith Suffolk
Alan Clarkin Level 3 Lancashire

Full Contact Sombo/Combat Sambo

Daniel Clarkin Level 2
Ben Whitehead Level 2
Diane Hawkins Level 2
Andrew Ashworth Level 2
Emma Reid Level 2
Michael Hutchinson Level 1
Russell Dodds Level 1
Tanwir Kazimi Level 1
Nathan Jackson Level 1
Danny Trebilcock Level 1
Ryan Trebilcock Level 1
Gintaras Jonuskis Level 1
Ryan Taylor Level 1
Joshua Dand Level 1
Andrew Hennessy Level 1
Brian Smith Level 1
Brad Hennessy Level 1
Dane Hennessy Level 1
Stephen Hingley Level 1
Ken Bull Level 1
Shaun Willis Level 1
Simon Price Level 1
Stephen Cooper Level 1
Liam Felton Level 1
All Qualified Coaches have to renew their Instructors award Bi-annually by attending a Instructors Course or The Master Class, the above are the only recognised Instructors/Coaches for the UK in Sombo/Sambo

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