Monday, February 26, 2018


Faversham Invitation

FAVERSHAM Invitation Judo Championship

On Sunday I attended the Faversham Judo Club’s Invitation Judo Championships, which attracted over 100 Judoka. The event was very well run and I was particularly impressed with the standard of Dress of officials All with Dark trousers, white shirt or blouse. Men wearing IBF Ties with Faversham Judo Club embossed on them, this reminded me of the days when all IBF Officials wore Blazers etc. and looked smart. Today it is difficult to get Officials and most want to have casual dress. Miles Brown and has done a good job in promoting Referees and this showed with many more probation referees learning their trade at this competition and I was quite impressed with them. Faversham have good support from all its members and parents and this paid dividends when organising this tournament. Well done Trevor Davies George Holbrook Sue Tanner Miles Brown and all those who helped

IBF Clubs have several Judo Comps for the Future, Faversham Judo Club are running a major tournament later on in the year in a much bigger Hall, Spitfire Judo Club will be organising a major event at the Burston Hotel Folkestone and next year the IBF multination’s will be held at the same event. Young Judo Club have 4 tournaments this year to be held at their Dojo in Sittingbourne. There is also IBF Open in Holland in April anyone interested should contact Colin Carrott.

The one thing we do need is Referees so if you are interested in becoming a referee contact Miles Brown

Attending these competitions are always fun but when you have your youngest grandson George entering his first big competition and winning Gold it always makes the event better. I had intended retiring as IBF UK President in 2 years time but I have been inundated with people asking me to stay plus I feel I have still a lot to offer so my retirement will be put on hold

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