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Dear Members

Membership for Individuals, Coaches, Clubs is due March 28th once again the IBF has kept the price the same as previous years, can I remind you that once your membership expires so does the Insurance. Membership decreased by 25 people last year , so we need you all to promote the IBF

Keeping people interested in what we do is becoming very difficult apart from the hundreds of different Martial Arts Styles and Associations; Society has change dramatically in the last 20 years. The Computer age has produced people who want something instantly and we all know to be good at Martial Arts you need to train long and hard. Standards throughout have also changed when I started Judo back in the 1950’s someone who had a Blue Belt or Brown Belt was held in awe then we moved to the 1970’s and a Black Belt was someone special the late 1990’s you saw the occasional Red & White Belt an honour bestowed on exceptional Martial Arts Practitioners, now it seems that this high accolade is given just because of longevity rather then ability, we even have 6 year old Black Belts.  So Martial Arts has certainly changed over the last 60 years is it for the better or worse that is for you to decide

The IBF recently held its AGM and the main subject was Judo, Greg Garside brought up the need for change with regard to 1st Dan examination this was discussed at length and was agreed to have a radical overhaul of the Syllabus this will be for our IBF Technical Panel of Trevor Davies 6th Dan, John Clarke 6th Dan, Colin Carrott 5th Dan and Keith Costa 4th Dan to organise and hopefully will be concluded ASAP

Miles Brown brought up the subject of Judo Referees and how we are short of these people; he also went on to explain the new IJF Rules, which seem to change on a regular basis. I suggested that a referee’s award be included in the 1st Dan syllabus this was roundly rejected. The emphasis should be on the Coach to encourage their student to become Referees

John Clarke said he running many small Judo tournaments in Sittingbourne which are very popular

Trevor Davies also told us of a Major Judo Tournament in Faversham organised by Faversham Judo Club the last one the club held was a great success and had entrants from many different Clubs and Associations

Colin Carrott will be taking Judoka to IBF Dutch Open in April anyone interested should contact him direct. He also said that IBF International have asked him and John to organise the IBF Multi Nations in 2019. This will be held at the Burston Hotel Folkestone. Colin will be running a Judo event later on in the year’ at the Venue in preparation for the 2019.

Please find attached forthcoming events


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