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Open Jubilee European Cup

IBF Poland

 XX Open Jubilee European Cup for Juniors and Seniors 2018

semi contact / kata/ weapon kata/ synchron-kata/weapon synchron-kata/ 
animal-like kata/ DUO-System

Organizer:                                 IBF Poland; (Big Budo Poland Association)

Leader:                                       Wiesław Bigos

Main referee:                            Jacek Sobczyk (kata/ semi contact)

Date:                                           28  April 2018

Location:                                                Poland – ul. Licealna 17 a, 43-150 Bieruń

Weight in:                                             
28 IV – from 8:00 to 9:00 – Open European Cup for Juniors and Seniors

28 IV –  9:00   – Open European Cup for Juniors and Seniors

                                                 9:15 – kata, weapon kata, synchron-kata, weapon synchron-kata                 
                   animal-like kata/ DUO-System

                                                   10:00 –fights (semi contact)                                                
Age categories:
                                            Children:           up to 8 years
                                         Children:          up to 10 years
                                         Youth:                         from 11 to 15 years                                                                                                     Seniors:            from 16 years
Men and women categories. Synchron kata  – together. (No age categories, men and women together, three people in team). 

Weight class:   
Junior 10-11 years   
-25,-30,-35,-40,-45,-50,-55,-65, + 65 kg        

Junior 12 to 15 years           
-30,-35,-40,-45,-50,-55,-65, + 65 kg   

Ladies from 16 years   
-55,-65,-75,+75 kg      

Men from 16 years      
-60,-65,-70,-75,-80,-90,+90 kg

If there are not enough competitors registered for a certain weight category the organizer can decide to combine some weight categories together.

Registration to:              As soon as possible, however the final date is 22.04.2018
                          (post, by fax, or by e – mail).

            43 – 150 Bierun, Poland          e – mail:
            Oświęcimska 423 street                        

Registration fee:            15 Euro for Juniors and Seniors. Synchron kata 40 Euro for team, DUO System 25 Euro
Rules:                             Rules of IBF – INTERNATIONAL

Competitors:                  Each competitor is obliged to insure himself against accidents. Everybody starts on his/her own risk.

Equipment:                     Binding clothes – adequate to the style presented by the competitor. No T – shirt (only club T – shirts).

Referees:                                    Only with IBF licence.

Prizes:                            In all categories: ranks 1-3: medal and diploma; All participants will receive Diploma of Attendance
— for the competitor of the best technical skills  in each age category of semi contact fights, and kick-light fights;
-— for the best male and female participants of  each  age category,

Accommodation:           Organizer can book hotels for all the participants of the competition. Prices of hotels, depending on standard, are between 70 and 200 PLN (that is between 17 and 67 euro) per night, including breakfast.

Route:                            Organizer ensures sending the map of routes from hotel to Sports Hall for all interested people.

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