Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Japan joins IBF

International Budo Federation Great Britain Numbers have dropped slightly this year but by the end of the year I expect they will return to normal. What is interesting is the amount of Countries in the International Budo Federation International, 36 in all. What I find heartening is that the countries are diverse in spit of Global Politics we have USA along with Russia and Syria now that is a surprise. Our latest members are Japan headed by Dr Okoshi. Japan is a welcome addition to the IBF

IBF International has many events including a Judo Open Belgium In May, World Open Karate October, German Open Karate June. May next year IBF GB will be holding the Multi Nation judo Championship in Folkestone this will be organised by Colin Carrott and John Clarke. They tell me they hope to run a Judo events in November/December at the Burston Hotel to se if the venue will OK for the Multi Nations.

You can find out more about our International Body in Germany just click http://www.ibf-international.com/ or contact us at IBFBCSA@Gmail.com

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