Sunday, April 29, 2018



Why the Name Sombo?
The reason it is called British Sombo Federation is because we are recognised by UKSport for the Sport. The BSF have been told if we change the name to Sambo we will lose our UKSport recognition something we are not prepared to do just to appease people who do not our Sport. FIAS the International Sambo Body accept our name and understand why it is used. If Sambo comes an Olympic Sport it will need government recognition. I will agree the UK are now the only country using the word Sombo. It obvious that people are not aware of the history of the word Sambo, it used to be a derogatory word for Black people and was seen as a racist hence the reason why we used use the word Sombo. Sombo we was introduced in the 1980's to avoid to complaint of Racism. This was introduced by Josh Henson the USA President and was for the English Speaking Countries supported by FIAS. Before that the Brits used the word Cambo in the 1970's. I think the Word Sambo is no longer considered a Racist term in the English Speaking Countries but until UKSport accept this we will continue use the Word Sombo in the BSF as we have to accept we live in a PC World

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