Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Has been wishes to say something

I no longer do much Coaching if any I leave that up to others I have taught, I am basically an administrator. It is very rarely I comment on Judo/Sambo/Jiu Jitsu clips but I have a little experience in competing and training

So here are a couple of my thoughts

1)   Teaching children I have always thought that they should be loyal to one club, mainly for their benefit as belonging to several clubs and having several coaches is confusing and in the long run detrimental to their improving. Yet I believe they should enter as many competitions as possible and belong to many organisations. This will help them and also keep their coaches up to date. In the past when I taught 1 tried my best to be at all competitions my students attended. Yet in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s things were a lot different if you wanted to you could attend a minimum of 2 competitions a month throughout the Country, which was not unusual. In those days in grappling sports there was just Judo, Free Style Wrestling and Sambo now we have multitude of Grappling Sports, which obviously spreads the participants. When youngsters are about 14 years then I used to encourage them to visit other clubs.

2)   With Adult Novices I would still use the premise of the first 6 months to Year stick to the same club and Coaches after that you should spread your wings if you want to. In my area there would be many clubs who offered a good competition night but those were the days when Judoka would train 4 times week sadly that is not the case today 

3)   The amount of times I have heard a parent saying my youngster will make the Olympics without any idea what that entails and of course when the Youngsters has had enough who do they blame yes the Coach. It is strange that Parents still live their dreams through their children instead of realizing the achievement is that offspring enjoyed their time in Judo and met many people from different walks of life

4)   Training to be an Olympian or World Class player is not easy and requires lots of dedication, sacrificing your social life and costing a lot of money. Plus you may not even make it even if you make it that doesn’t mean you will become rich in fact most probably you are years behind your friends who concentrated on their work, just ask yourself how many Olympians have become household names? If you are a family man your family has to put up with the hardships I know mine did. Yet after all this there is something inside you that drives you on to become Olympian/Champion even if you did not make it you still have the pride I TRIED 

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