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This has recently appeared on the FIAS web site something I am totally against WHY?

Sambo main attraction apart from the Sport is that is Non Political, Non Religious and accepts people from all over the World. By accepting this dress code for a minority religion changes that because Sambo has to conform to an Islamic agenda at the expense of all other religions and non-religious people. Sambo should remain Secular

Also the reasons Muslims want this is to preserve their modesty does that mean they think those women not wearing this garb are NOT MODEST? Is this Garment Modest?

Once you make a change to the rules to suit just one section of Sambo you will have to be obligated to make changes to other groups:
1)  Many women and some men feel wearing shorts is undignified. So do we change the rules for them to wear Trousers?
2)  Reports have been made that Colours can affect a persons judgement and mental state, these are mainly bright vivid colours. So if someone complains a Red Jackets is bad for them are we expected to let them wear another colour
3)  Would you allow a Sikh to wear Turban if not why not?

These are just three examples

I have been involved in Sambo since 1975 as a competitor and official for a while I was a member of the FIAS Council and am now am British Sambo Federation President. In all those years I have met people from all over the world and never once has religion ever came into my dealing with them, the one thing that united us was Sambo and the fact that its regulations were common to us all. If this dress code goes though (which I expect it has) Sambo will not have Common Goal.

I am not sure people would want to belong to an organisation that put religious doctrine before the interest of the Sport will survive. By accepting this dress code FIAS will cause division in its ranks and membership will not increase but fall. Muslims are welcome to Sambo but they must conform to our rules as everyone else does, if they find that difficult join another sport.

Martin Clarke

By allowing women to dress how they find modest by covering up you are encouraging other women of their religion to compete which actually promotes sambo
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